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This training has been inspired by, and is dedicated to, a spiritual Master called Satyananda. It has been created in response to the very particular time in which we live. On the one hand mankind is, in the main, not flowing harmoniously with nature, we are impacting quite dreadfully on our earthly biosphere, and most people clearly lack a sense of wellbeing and inner peace. Yet on the other hand, all is somehow just as it is meant to be, since life has no one and no thing to answer to - it just is.

How do we reconcile this apparent paradox? We live at a time when we are being called to wake-up and address our human plight, so that we may remember that we are infact, deeply at peace within. When we realize this, our peace affects positively all that is around us, and outer peace begins to manifest. So it is, that "inner ecology must precede outer ecology".

Life has always been characterized by the call for human's to wake-up, yet this present call is perhaps more urgent since there somehow seems to be more at stake. Because of this there is a need to see yoga in the context of the world today, so that it may best be presented and practiced according to the current challenges and possibilities of life. In recent years man has realized incredible achievements outwardly, though in the main he is painfully unaware of the pressing call to journey inwards. We are all seeking to love and be loved - though for most this is a distant dream.

We realize that many people show up to retreats and trainings looking to meet inspirational teachers that will "give them something" - we invite you to come and meet yourself deeply, under the guidance of our loving team. This way you discover your inner guru and the source of all inspiration, love and peace.

This training will focus on the "inner" yoga - it will invite you to open the door to your inner being and invite and encourage you to live from this inner space of stillness. We will discover together that healing and self- healing occur in this space of stillness, and that they are greatly facilitated by developing awareness of, or learning to "listen to", the inner body.

"The source of life manifested creation from a deep, still, silent place. We must be able to not only reawaken our ability to imagine a good life, but to create a peaceful, still, silent place to manifest from." -Sandra Ingerman

We will use the gift of silence throughout the training, from 20:00 pm until 10:30 am most days. Silence offers a very powerful opportunity to immerse yourself in the inner realm of your being. At first there may be some discomfort as you meet the "chaos" of your mind, but after time this becomes a beautiful and nurturing practice.

Who is the training for?

Anyone who has an earnest desire for self-knowledge and for whom the words on this page resonate. You may be a yoga practitioner, a teacher who is lacking direction and clarity, or you may be new to yoga, whatever the case may be it is not important since ideas of beginner and advanced are just that - ideas. It is not necessary that you go on to teach yoga after the course, since our intention is to inspire you to be more of yourself - authentic, confident, loving, clear, and flowing with life. In this way you will discover ever more about your divine purpose here on earth.

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